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Missouri District Export Council

Conference 2006 Agenda

2006 Consular


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MODEC Members




Stewart Dahlberg

Manager of Export Sales

J.D. Street Company, Inc

144 Weldon Parkway

Maryland Heights, MO   63043


Phone:   (314)-392-9262


E-mail:   wdahlberg@charter.net

Website:  http://www.modec.org




Vice Chairperson

Michael J. Burke

Global Development Manager


400 Barton Street

St. Louis, MO  63104


Phone:   (314)865-7802

Cell:       (314)313-7125

Fax:       (314)865-7804


E-mail:   Mike.Burke@meridianIQ.com

Website:  http://www.meridianIQ.com


Vice Chairperson

Paul Brauner

Global Resource Executive

19 Lake Forest Circle

St. Louis, MO  63367


Phone: (314) 575-7717

Fax:     (636) 625-3855


E-mail:   paulbrauner@hotmail.com




Daniel K. Mueller, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of                       International Affairs

Washington University School of              Medicine Director

International Healthcare Services              Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Phone: (314) 747-8377

E-mail:   dkm6614@bjc.org



E-mail: paulbrauner@hotmail.com



John Blum

U.S. Small Business Administration

8235 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 520

St. Louis, MO 63105


Phone: (314)425-3302

Fax:       (314)425-3381


E-mail: john.blum@sba.gov



Dr. Seung H. Kim

Director, Boeing Institute of              International Business

Saint Louis University

3674 Lindell Boulevard

St. Louis, MO  63108


Phone: (314)977-3898

Fax:       (314)977-7188


E-mail:   kimsh@slu.edu


Ann Pardalos

Missouri Department of Economic              Development

International Trade & Investment              Manager

301 West High Street, Room 720

P.O. Box 118

Jefferson City, MO   65101


Phone: (573)751-4855

Fax:       (573)526-1567


E-mail: anne.pardalos@ded.mo.gov

Website: www.ecodev.state.mo.us/


Randall LaBounty


U.S. Department of Commerce

8235 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 520

St. Louis, MO  63105


Phone: (314)425-3302

Fax:       (314)425-3381


E-mail: randall.labounty@mail.doc.gov

Website: www.usatrade.gov

Barrett Baebler

International Business Outreach              Director

Webster University

407 East Lockwood Ave.

St. Louis, MO  63119


Phone: (314)961-2660

Fax:       (314)968-7077


E-mail:   baebler@webster.edu

Website:  www.webster.edu

Ted Jacoby, Jr.


T.C. Jacoby & Company

1716 Hidden Creek Court

St. Louis, MO  63131


Phone: (314)821-4456

Fax:       (314) 909-2045


E-mail: ted@jacoby.com

Website:  http://www.jacoby.com

Jeff Melly

Director, Asia and Latin American              Studies

Watlow Electric

12001 Lackland Road

St. Louis, MO  63146


Phone:  (314)628-4117

Fax:       (314)434-1020

E-mail:   jmelly@watlow.com

Jane Cargill

Director, Small Business              Development Center

Southwest Missouri State University

901 South National

Springfield, MO  65804


Phone: (417)836-5685

Fax:       (417)836-7666


E-mail:   jancargill@smsu.edu


Rob Heuermann

International Business Manager

World Trade Center, St. Louis

121 S. Meremac, Suite 111

St. Louis, MO 63105


Phone:   (314)615-8141

Fax:       (314)862-0102


E-mail: rob_heuermann@saintlouisco.com


Katherine Allen-Simon


Allen Filters, Inc.

522 North Fremont

Springfield, MO   65801


Phone:   (417)865-2844

Fax:       (417)865-2469


E-mail: kallen@allenfiltersinc.com


Ralph Griffin


Griffin Mayo Associates

7536 Wydown Blvd.

St. Louis, MO  63105


Phone:  (314)863-1658

Fax:       (314)863-7001


E-mail:   rsmgrie@aol.com

James Shekelton


H.J. International, Inc.

3010 High Ridge Blvd.

High Ridge, MO  63049


Phone: (314)677-3421

Fax:       (636)376-1915


E-mail:   jay@hjenterprises.com

Robert Ogrodnik

Senior Advisor—International

Emerson Motor Company

8100 W. Florissant Ave.

St. Louis, MO  63136


Phone: (314)553-1570

Fax:       (314)553-3367


E-mail: Robert.ogrodnik@emotors.com

Dr. Joel Glassman

Director of International Studies

University of Missouri - St. Louis

8001 Natural Bridge Rd.

St. Louis, MO  63121


Phone:   (314)516-5753

Fax:       (314)516-6757



Mark Biasi

Vice President Strategic Operations

Mastercard International



Phone: (636)722-2660

Fax:       (636)722-6615


E-mail: mark_biasi@mastercard.com

Thomas Bottini

Partner, International Practice Group

Armstrong Teasdale, LLP

One Metropolitan Square, Suite 2600

St. Louis, MO  63102


Phone: (314)621-5070

Fax:       (314)612-2228


E-mail: tbottini@armstrongteasdale.com